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Heavy Beat

Traverse a musically charged platformer where obstacles move to the beat of the song! Gather collectibles and increase your score to ascend the leaderboards!

Heavy Beat is currently available FOR FREE on Windows PC. Get it now!


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In this mode platforms endlessly spawn in front of you and the beat of the song is just so good you can't stop moving forwards! Run endlessly towards the synth-wave horizon without falling off as you collect power-ups and diamonds. Make strategic use of the teleporter platforms in order to avoid falling to your death!

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In this mode, levels of platforms spawn on top of each other as you climb higher and higher! Find the jump pad on each level in order to ascend or use your trusty grapple hook! A death grid moving to the beat of the song keeps you on your toes! Collect power-ups and gather diamonds for extra points and make sure to make use of the speed boost platforms!

game details altray digital

In Heavy Beat you can use any .mp3 .wav or .ogg files to play on! The game will adapt to the song's beats. As long as you have the file in your computer, in the same place,  it will be loaded up the next time you start the game as well.


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Playing on the Official Soundtrack (Adrenaline Rush and Assurance of Consequence) allows you to send your high-scores to the online leaderboards! There scores are registered under a nickname and will show up on the board after you sync them from the game. 

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TOWER - Adrenaline Rush

Place Nickname Points
1. Missileboy coroana gold altray digital 3,244,164
2. KittyCrusade coroana silver altray digital 2,332,712
3. SpeedyGonzales coroana brown altray digital 1,265,626
4. Vagner 202,615
5. Crispy 75,451

TOWER - Assurance of Consequence

Place Nickname Points
1. bigwinner coroana gold altray digital 1,539,552
2. Vagner coroana silver altray digital 160,595
3. Missileboy coroana brown altray digital 73,933
4. SpeedyGonzales 46,765

RUNNER - Adrenaline Rush

Place Nickname Points
1. FrostHound coroana gold altray digital 12,497,349
2. Missileboy coroana silver altray digital 8,131,530
3. Vagner coroana brown altray digital 7,710,282
4. snapz11 5,187,822
5. Luna 4,310,190
6. llllllllllllllllll 3,590,183
7. sitzly 2,369,940
8. YoYo94Mama 2,089,084
9. parliflex 1,718,180
10. Rover 1,679,139

RUNNER - Assurance of Consequence

Place Nickname Points
1. Vagner coroana gold altray digital 3,898,535
2. Rover coroana silver altray digital 2,448,484
3. KittyCrusade coroana brown altray digital 1,394,626
4. Crispy 1,384,778
5. SpeedyGonzales 1,299,884

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