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I'm GIVING AWAY 100$ to ANYONE that can BEAT ME at MY OWN Game


Alright so here's the thing, I've recently released my first game, Heavy Beat on  and now I'm offering 100$ to anyone that can beat me at it. I re-released it a week later as free-to-play and also gave it a nice update to fix some bugs and balance the gameplay a little bit more, don't worry, I've also reset the leaderboards to get rid of the pre-update scores :)


Game Updates

Overall these changes should make the game feel a lot better, especially while playing Tower mode.

- The game is now FREE-TO-PLAY, you can download it for free on

- Reset the Leaderboards

- Added central visual cue to picking up diamonds

- Lowered the number of platforms present on each level in Tower mode (from 5x5 to 4x4, effectively 16 tiles per level)

- Added more Hook tiles in Tower mode as well as doubled the amount of Hook Charges received with each power-up in order to allow for more usage

- Boosted the speed of the grid in Tower mode to account for the increased use of the Hook

- Fixed the song bug where if you delete it from the list it will continue playing in the game

- Increased the jump strength of the jump tiles in Tower mode

- Adjusted the jump tile spawn rules for Runner, now if a jump tile spawns, there should be no tile above interfering with the jump direction


The Contest

The contest is running from Monday (06/09/2021) to Friday (10/09/2021), the beginning and end as well as the winner will be announced on Twitter. Make sure to follow me for updates on the contest.


How to Participate

In order to participate, you have to subscribe to the Altray Digital Youtube channel. Then you can download the game for free from Afterwards you simply have to play the game and get the highest score possible in Runner Mode using the Adrenaline Rush song. After achieving a highscore, you can send it to the online leaderboard through the game and if you're sitting on top of the leaderboard by the end of the contest then you win!

For more information check out the video on youtube about the contest!

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